Tourist Images of Art Museums

I went to Paris and to Nice, saw a lot of Matisse, in Monaco ate, sat on my plate, €4.99 Pizza per piece.

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This was a very tiresome trip to Paris. So much walking and looking I wasn’t sure whether my eyes or feet were the more sore. However I do know that my legs won (or lost) from those bloody mossies.

Seeing some Brancusi’s was a big point, I have oft wanted to see something of his materialised in front of me. The numerous Picasso’s and Matisse’s were useful in expanding my knowledge on the breadth of their respective practices. At the Matisse museum in Nice, I was able to see a number of his sculptures, an aspect that I have found to be overlooked, with most of what I know to be his practice being painting and expecting this to be embellished by drawing. František Kupka – a new deity, those paintings sang with a vibrancy that would be a feat to try and capture, but it was as if I could fall into them forever, near to optical illusion in the way they burned onto your retina, or perhaps that association is just because the paintings shared a room with many illusory works.

The exhibition of Russian Art from 1950- acted as a top up to the Moscow Art exhibition held at Saatchi a few years ago. In addition to this I was able to fill some holes in my experience of Art, seeing a Richard Prince, an Yves Klein and a Claes Oldenburg.

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