Prints, Prints, Prints

Usually I have prints made by a company called Cherrill Print, who occupy a shop near to my home in Croydon, however I was unaware that they did not open on weekends and was caught out when I wished to have some of my landscapes printed. So I turned to Planprint-it who offered a higher quality finish for a lower price than Cherrill. A done deal then? Well, with prints you pay for what you get and so there is always a nervous wait to see whether your work has come out as desired.

Printed on 200gsm satin paper these works came out great, they are very sharp and the colours are rich. Therefore I am pleased with the result.

dsc07184, dsc07185, dsc07186 3 x A3

Hanging the work is a different issue. These photographs are much more about documentation of the existence of the prints than display, but they did open some important questions.

To use the bulldog clips, it would be necessary to have 4 per image, at each corner and much more accurately measured than shown here. For the series of images above, this would be rather inefficient for the size and so it may be more beneficial to acquire some frames.

Display-wise, the use of (perhaps old) frames may help to suggest the idea of these images being more home-photography of a landscape with no physical referent, rather than being stale prints on a wall. This idea is a bit preposterous as the images do not fall into the standard 6″x4″ frame so perhaps with their current sizes it would be reaching to hope that these assumptions would be drawn.

With that in mind, I may print again some of these, or future creations to this format to encourage such a comparison.

dsc07188 A1
dsc07189 A1

The naming scheme I have for these works is to further promote the idea that these would be images taken with a digital camera as if from holiday images.

dsc07193 A0
dsc07194 A0

In conclusion though: Prints, yay!

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  1. Hiya Robin,

    The prints are stunning – love the work! I have taken the liberty of showing a few to Nathan Cole (Head) who expressed interest in having new art work outside his office. My e-mail to him did ask whether there could be any financial provision for buying artwork from former students, but his reply to me did not mention money – I would have to approach this face to face with him.

    Anyho – would you be interested in having one of your digital landscapes hanging in a good spot at Wilson’s?

    It looks like you are doing good – all the best.

    Emma (Waterhouse)

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