A 26 year old artist and hobbyist, studying for an MFA in computational Arts at Goldsmiths, Leverton writes in third person on his own personal website because it seems like the professional thing to do.

A full time amateur, Leverton constantly tries new methods of art creation, realises they aren’t getting him rich or famous very quickly and then moves on to a new mode. Currently on a hiatus from two dimensional painting because it’s hard, Leverton has spent much of his recent efforts in and on three dimensional digital spaces, utilising the multi variant possibilities of Autodesk Maya, Substance and the unreal engine, whilst casting a side-eyed glance at Zbrush with the promise he’ll concentrate on it tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Else-wise, Leverton can be found in three dimensional physical spaces accelerating with gravitational assistance.

A keen, loud, sweary, irate and loving 3D printer enthusiast, Leverton runs his machines to create either tools for art making, or the grand menagerie of plastic tat that fills up available surfaces and refuses to be useful.


Small talk, my animal, Online, 2020

Size Matters, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath 2019

Glitches and Defects, LoosenArt, Millepiani, Rome 2019

Micro, AIR Gallery, Altrincham 2019

Abstract Expressionism, Byron Bay Gallery, Byron Bay, Australia 2019

Love Stories; Art Number 23, London 2019

Flock 2017; GX Gallery, London 2017

Degree Show; Chelsea college of arts, London 2017

Kunstables; The Morgue, Chelsea College of Arts, London 2016

Translations; Chelsea College of arts, London 2016

In the Far Future; The Clayton Arms, London 2016.

Territories of practice; Chelsea College of arts, London 2015.

Trip the Light; A-Side B-Side Gallery, London 2015.


2021 –

MFA Computational Arts, Goldsmiths


Second Class Honours, BA Fine Art, Chelsea College, University of the Arts London 


Video Games Art Production (Part Time), Escape Studios, London