Configuration: 6, 2015

configuration 6


This ‘Configuration’ has a different set of rules to the others. Whilst the previous 5 were based off of the positions of pins on my notice board, 6 is from the positions of people’s heads at Victoria Station as taken from a vantage point.

The lines again are drawn at whim but the colours follow a rule. Before, I chose the colours based on what I wanted them to be painted as, following various rules of spacing: No two colours being allowed to be adjacent (1,3), a colour set (reds, blues, yellows, greens) (2), all tiles being filled, but white being allowed to cover multiple tiles (5).

This time the rule follows the pattern: Each tile is made of two colours: colour 1 is determined by the number of sides, colour 2 is determined by the number of adjacent tiles and the two are mixed together. The colours were lined up and the number of sides, starting at 3 (the smallest) was taken from the left, the number of adjacent tiles from the right.

I did not follow any spacing rules here either which will be a development to make in future pieces. The colours were lined up at random, but it might be prudent to direct how they are laid out so a greater variety of colours can be made. Perhaps adding white to brighten up the colours will also be a good move to make.

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