MFA Computational Arts Blog Week 17

Here’s my notes:

The critique of anthropocentrism is often accompanied by OOO and NM

Things do not exist just for us

We must consider abandoning epistemology for Ontology

Equating subjects and objects

Opening to non-human ‘vitality’ – animated but not living (Question about economic markets) – Heterogeneous assemblages / The nation

Bennet – that we call nature as opposed to us has always been constructed within cultural practices (Point to speak about Alexander Von Humboldt)

Material “objects” have consequences and therefore cannot be considered inactive

Ian Bogost

  • We can no longer claim that our existence is special
  • No form of existence more primary than another
  • A flat ontology

Posthumanist ontology

Bennet, blackout 2013

Corporation policies not investing in infrastructure

Citizenship – assuming responsibility you can be held accountable

Being is Tiny, all things existence and none exist more than another

A unit is isolated and unique, can enclose a system, and be part of another system

Bennett wishes to raise the legitimacy of citizenship to all things

Behar – Roomba rumba

Ocean personalities – ghost in the shell villain built of data

What would the world be like when I can’t see it?

Bogost, simply because everything is, everything can be condensed into one point. Everything can be pulled out by factors of self-similarity.

Behar, the practice of reducing life to units, is very efficient but lead to the 2016 elections, information bubbles, the manipulation

Information viruses

Looking at components of a person, i.e. intersectionality was thought to allow one to be fluid. But now it is seemingly the computable data of someone in order to manipulate them

The qualities of a person become themselves independent of the subject and circulate.

The absurdity of reduction to unitary points then is used to address facts and arguments to their most unitary points and constructing a black and white.

If we think of the computer as imitation of use, we make mistakes of projecting all technologies and versions of us. But we also fail as we attempt to understand in the way we think something that does not have a brain and so has a different experience

We are made more and more ignorant by entrusting the machine the belief of being intelligence

The data is separated from the life that produces it and it circulates itself.

Dominic Cummings Lecture about how he won the Brexit vote

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