MFA Computational Arts Blog Week 15

The weeks keep coming and they don’t stopping coming, but the amount of work I produce seems to endlessly diminish both in volume and quality.

Here is a some roating recursively drawn circles oooooooh

And here is a gif of a volcano going off then being used as the input for the “Facades” model of the Pix2Pix Machine Learning algorithm.

My theory research has expanded the collection of books I have taken from the library… I’m getting rather irate at the past 40 years of governments of the UK as Guy Standing has been slowly unravelling why all the services are crumbling from the inside out and how it is to the detriment of the common wealth, stripped and stolen by corporate entities given the permissions by idealogical and heedless politicians.

Elinor Ostrom is considered a major figure in the research of commoning especially with regards to common-pool resources which will certainly be a feature of my further investigation into the subject with how I wish to look at food distribution.

Equally the writing of David Harvey and his ‘Rebel Cities’ will be a good insight into modern practice of organising more people-friendly and ecological cities, which should contrast nicely with Gerrard Winstanley’s writings as part of the ‘Digger’ movement in the 1600s, one of the first politically derived attempts at communistic living in the west.

However, my main concern at the moment is getting my drawing machine working a re-coded with my own original code for my Physcomp project. I had to change my original idea of using sensors to interface with the environment of a plant because everything doesn’t work. It is very frustrating. I have not given up on this concept however, as it is key to my outcome for my theory research project.

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