Configuration: 10


This piece was created using the thumbtack pattern used in the first 5 ‘configurations’. The pattern of dots is repeated here 12 times, as can be seen by the slight grouping of density. The colour choice was made by taking a random set of colours, arranging them in order of darkness and then matching that order to numbers of sides to a tile, the lower the number, the lighter the colour used.

I’m a fan of the mural-esque aspect of this painting as being a great panorama (approximately 1.8m*0.5m) that allows the eye to scan across the surface, moving from the less dense left hand side to the more dense right, an unintended occurrence.

Something that particularly interests me is the clumping of colours in specific areas, where series of tiles of equal numbers of sides seems to have formed, again this is something discovered during the painting process.

In a tutor-led crit, it was suggested that this piece would work better as a work of landscape art, with coloured panels arranged on a landscape to form this view. Though currently, work on that scale is a little out of my reach, it is just one of many suggestions to expand this project into a third dimension and is something that I am thinking of trying with future work.

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