Photochemical Experiments

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A group, comprising of myself and two other classmates (Patricia Orem and Camilla Gaulter-Carter) was asked to collaborate with each other as the themes of our work shared a set of characteristics: Modulation, Time, Free-form and Transformation. In our discussions we formed an idea around using a mirror to project an image onto another surface. I added the element of chemical capturing into the mix.

We found it very difficult to get a detailed projected image fixed onto our homemade plates, though contact printing was easier. After a number of tries, changing the exposure and development times and with a stronger light source however, we were able to create a defined image with inset detail of brighter spots. Finally we attempted drawing using the room light and moving a piece of paper with a small hole over the paper, though we didn’t have time to draw an actual image, the proof of method is what’s important.

The imperfect nature of the images lent itself to the creation of very interesting textures such as those due to the brushstrokes caused in the application process of the emulsion. But also those caused by the interaction with the ink and bleach drawings Camilla donated to the work, the colours involved liven up the images making them seem like some sort of ancient worshipped icon.

From here we are going to work into the images and see what kind of developments we can make then reconvene and collate our ideas.

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