The Shape of Time 3


I asked my tutor for a short tutorial about my work and my painting, asking his opinions on the pieces I had made and of my plans. Of the painting he explained that the background as it is is too distracting in the image (echoing my own thoughts), that its casual nature detracts from it and allows for the misinterpretation of the painting as a crude abstraction rather than the trace of the clock piece. It was the rigidity, structure and stark nature of the the clocks that made them extraordinary, this being lacking from the shape painting.



Jeff then considered the possibility that my plans to make the shape 3D would solve the problem of the busy background as it would remove it from the equation. Further he questioned whether making a very small sculpture would condense the idea more, make it more concise.



After making some quick sketches, I went to the woodwork shop and asked for a consult on how it might be best to realise my idea. I wanted to use wood for its ability to be painted as well as its structural capabilities.



The technician explained that if I wanted to use wood, it would not bend in the fashions that I wanted unless I were to use an industrial process such as steaming the wood.

As  an alternative it may be possible to use Flexi Ply. However, Flexi Ply only will bend in 1 axis so I need to work out how I can get this to work. The best way to do this would be to make a model out of card and bring the template and blow it up for use with wood of the size I desire.


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