The Shape of Time 2



Overnight, it all fell apart. Literally but not figuratively, I expected the tape to fall down as the tension was very high and parts had failed to remain attached to the canvas whilst I was putting the tape on.

This break up of the painting is awesome and I love the way the tape has dropped and relaxed, similarly to the fabric works of artists such as Robert Morris.

Robert Morris, Untitled (Pink Felt) - 1970
Robert Morris, Untitled (Pink Felt) – 1970




As such, I wanted to see what the tape did on its own when I removed it from the piece. Taking it off and then stretching it and sticking it to the wall, I achieved a completely new composition from the same shape. This is a method that I can see myself doing for further experiments/pieces: A time clock piece, followed by a shape construction from which I take a tape structure that has had time to drop, pull away and stick up. Currently I’m not sure what further development I am going to make on this tape construction, whilst I attempt to sculpt the clock shape.



To test out the look of painted dividing lines in black, I decided to paint in the dividing lines, in black. Unlike the tape, the lines are not uniform and subject to the shaking of my hands as I was painting, which I guess fits in with the rest of the image and makes it less contrasty and pop art-esque. However, it does just confirm the sort of degraded image that already occurs.

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