MFA Computational Arts Blog Week 13

Hopefully the above video will work to show you the little visual piano demo. Just a short one this week due to time pressures.

Our theory lecture engaged with the idea of sensing practices, beginning with the work of Jennifer Gabrys, who explores the idea of environmental sensing through digital instrumentation as a cyborg-like extension of the skin. Futher to this is the citienry manifold she crafts, weaving in the animals and creatures that are also involved in understanding our changing environment.

Through this lens of becoming computational we may look at ourselves as agents within a larger network, as a sensor ourselves. And in this manner we turned to Citien Sense, a project setup to investigate the sources of pollution in the Lewisham area which identified through cultural knowledge the source of a particular spike in pollution levels. Here is an example of both an extension of sensitivity on the part of the participants as well as the participants themselves being sensors.

My own practice and ideas is starting to revolve around this consideration of making the biological computational with relation to plants and the artificial construction of environments within which they would reside. I am going to look back at Gabrys work for my theory project and also use these ideas in tandem with my physical computing too. As such I have bought a load of sensors that I believe will help me to construct a mathematical mirror of a given environment.

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