MFA Computational Arts Blog Week 7

Week seven, and industrial action has descended upon Goldsmith’s University in an effort to reverse the decision to axe 52 jobs both in academic and administrative positions.

I am in support of the strikes and have myself have not crossed the picket line and have joined in with the picket and a number of the teach-outs that have been occuring.

The images on this page are from a few different homeworks. One being a digital mirror, where I have replaced pixels with ascii characters. Video oof this can be seen right at the bottom. Elsewise the stills are mainly from a homework focussed on recursion and the idea of making a forest. My final effort ended with a “jellyfish forest”, which perhaps does give the impression more of snowflakes, but took a long time to work out and acheive.

Our group project has been progressing well, we have moved everything over to unity and have created a number of errie/distrubing/unsettling motifs to bring forth that feeling of unreality that we are attempting to instill with the shopping mall.

An aspect that I believe will really entertain and carry those impressions will be what I often overlook: sound. We are going to attempt to use noise from inside a busy shopping mall for the initial “day” state, when everything appears normal and rosey. Inside the shops a lilting jazz will play, generic commercially friendly music.

As day turns to dusk, mallsoft will replace the jazz, and the compressed, reverb heavy noise will build that eerie tension, caused by a desperately friendly environment. Perhaps there will be located sounds of vacuum cleaners, we have even played with the idea of these emenating prop speakers, opening up the artificiality of the space, both as a representational environment, and due to its simulated nature as a whole.

I would include stills from the unity environment but they havent been published to our group yet. However, our use of predominantly marble textures with neon lighting and palm trees in the brief glimpse we’ve had, gives off the exact 90’s nostalgic a e s t h e t i c vibe we are aiming for. I hope to be able to share soon.

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