Welcome to the rl_wrld

Did you click the button? Wasn’t it satisfying? Didn’t you have a rich and fulfilling experience? Or maybe you didn’t actually click the button, either of the buttons, and you’re reading this smugly thinking you’ve avoided some sort of trick on my part.

Well, I’m going to spend the rest of this post attempting to change your mind and get you to press the same button but at the bottom of the page instead…

“I’ve seen that before!” You exclaim, jubilantly noting the time you spent reading my account of discovering glitch art and using it to produce landscape imagery. Such a keen and devoted follower as you are deserves to know my repurposing of this work and others like it. BY PRESSING THAT BUTTON.

Or in slow form, I have spent the last week near sleeplessly crafting and rendering, in 3D, a set of postcards devised from artwork made in this period. Affixed to the reverse of these cards is the personal account of a fictional explorer into a realm known by me (because I made it up), as the ‘rl_wrld’. Like ‘real world’ but because RL is the character and RL is me and so it’s all really intricately egoistic and self referential because it’s my world but I pretend it’s real like it’s more real than the physical world as a commentary on digital spaces as both ethereal and yet consequential places… YOU GET THE JOKE?

Anyway, I apologise for my rudeness, it shall continue, I am sleep deprived. These postcards have then been minted as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain, which means non-divisible digital units of value that can be transferred by “smart contracts” thus proving provenance and ownership. Essentially a way for digital artworks, that can be reproduced infinitely, to be bought and sold as commodities.


My concept is this: To create an ongoing story told through a series of short entries on the back of postcards that are the photographs of an explorer in this realm. Essentially, the postcards are for sale in an auction house as one might with Van Gogh’s letters (not that I’m comparing myself to Van Gogh and his long and boring relationship with his cousin Theo. Simply as an example of some meaningless brain splurge that has been sold at auction because someone wanted to smell Van Gogh’s writing or something). In this way, a story can be crafted as a divisible text with an analogy to a real world technology. And each piece as a work of art, a text or a digital collectible can be traded. If I am successful in being able to trade these items for monetary gain, it would help to further an perpetuate the idea as a series, being released as a set of chapters such as for a book.

SO. One more teaser and then would you please press the button to find out more?

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