Taurus-Orion Travel

I realise I never posted on here the work I made for our show at the end of last term, despite having posted most of the supporting material. So here it is.

When displayed, the work had no sound, I was to be in a busy sound-filled space and the song I wanted I wasn’t sure whether I would have the rights to use. But for the full effect here it is to play along:

There were a couple of problems with the animation. The two parts I rendered out on my own machine (Crab Island and Milky Ridge) are noticeably jerkier than the Hyades Rchipelago or Barnard’s Loop bits, which were sent to a render farm as the farm was able to run way more frames in a short space of time.

Also there can be seen clipping, which is really visible in the Milky Ridge section, tops of spires disappear and return to frame randomly, I think this is to do with how my PC has rendered out the frames and is again not present on either of the render farm sections.


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