Glitch 4 or “That moment when you realise you forgot to upload your work for 2 months”

Original image of the summit of Kilimanjaro

So the story is that I used Asendorf’s code a bit more and messed around with this image, one I took of Kilimanjaro, which already has a bit of graining in the top left because the camera got damaged by the cold I think.

I put these images through the process multiple times and at different angles and then flipped them, changing the way they’d be affected by the code. I was a fun process that produced over 100 images in about 20 minutes, then I took to text editing a few and photoshopping them to change the colours and whatnot.

Some have been picked out because they are the ones that I liked most but here are a few of the results:


Further Edited in Text Editor

This image I really enjoyed, because the text editing I used allowed me to get this pixelated effect at the bottom which was something I was querying how to do – I thought maybe I could trick a rendering program to stop rendering an image halfway so that it may have rendered areas with blocks of colour but less detail, anyway it happened here.

Further Edited in Text Editor and Photoshop
Further Edited in Text Editor and Photoshop
kili_12_3 copy
Further Edited in Text Editor

I also happened to go to a talk yesterday at Alan Cristea Gallery about an exhibition of Gordon Cheung’s work that was being shown there, some of which includes pixel sorting works that were derived from Kim Asendorf’s code. I’m going to make a post about this later so stay tuned!

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