Configuration: 2, 2015

DSC05036 copy

Acrylic on Paper. For this piece, I decided to double up the picture of the pins, to make a larger work. Then Instead of having effectively one continuous line, there are 4 separate groups of lines here. Each group has an umbrella colour: Red, blue, green and yellow. I used watercolour so that I could paint overlaps and the transparency of the paint would create a semi-mix.

This method was quite successful but would probably work better digitally where alpha levels can be adjusted, or with some kind of thin fabric material or gauze.

These pieces are quite reminiscent of Russian Constructivist works and the works of artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Cy Twombly for the way they approached colour and its usage.

Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VIII, 1923
Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VIII, 1923

This piece by Kandinsky especially shares the jaggedy line elements and acute angles that my two paintings have shown so far as well as elements of the use of colour being restricted to boundaries of shapes.

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