Persistence in Time 2

The piece was a success. After 12 hours of painting, on Wednesday the 22nd October, 2014, I finally relaxed, put down my paintbrush and then ran to the toilet as my bladder had been screaming at me for the best part of 3 hours.

The piece itself I wanted to represent time in a literal visual sense. I was hoping for the degradation of the drawing of clocks to occur as the time passed further and further. This never really happened in the piece, though the clocks consistently remained to be imperfect.

What came out as a much more evident visual stimulus was the way the clock hands seemed to give a flow, a wave that traveled across the painting and would not allow the eye to settle on any single point. You are forever jumping through the time on the canvas never experiencing a single moment. This way of looking at the piece is very reflective of the way I experienced the piece during its creation, i.e. there was no single moment, each blended into the other, time distorted and flew at a more terrific pace than expected. I knew the length and felt as though I had been working for the time given, but my mind had not registered its passing. I think some of this had to do with the way there is no rest period when you have painted something for 15-25 seconds then have 35-45 before you’re painting again.

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