Another inkling of an idea that I’ve been carrying along is the idea of being dissociated from ones surroundings. That is to say: The feeling of disconnectedness. I find this is expressed in life when I am aware of the conscious effort that I may have to expend during social interaction. I often find that in conversations with groups of people I can be much more of an observer than a participator. I started illustrating this idea with small drawings that always feature a lone dot that is somehow disconnected from others. I would like to continue these as a smaller project for a long time, building up enough to put together maybe as a book or to display them at an uncomfortable height such that a viewer has to satisfy my need for attention by making a special reservation of bending over to look at the drawings.

Small initial doodles

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After looking at the emotional connection achieved with the audience in Marina Abramovic’s “The Artist Is Present” I thought about showing the exact opposite through a medium of performance. A method I came up with would be to have two performers facing each other in chairs having a conversation. Then one by one viewers would enter this room and be encouraged by a directions sheet to attempt to engage and make conversation. The performers would in turn acknowledge and dismiss the outbursts as being poor contributions and as such reject the viewer. Repetition of this I feel would bring out a great discomfort and cause the viewer to leave (keeping the thought that they may have missed some part of the performance) or to stay for as long as they can bear before leaving. After a conversation with my tutor it became apparent that this method of illustrating ‘Dissociation’ is too illustrative and perhaps in that meaning a little too simple. He suggested joining this idea of dissociation with my other of the passing of time. In doing so it was suggested that I try another clock piece  (of a shorter time length) in which I place myself publicly and again invite conversation but keep myself focussed and ignore my surroundings and anyone who might attempt to communicate perhaps have my intentions explained to others via an assistant. This I feel may come off more as being a direct illustration of an aloof artist rather than instilling or exhibiting any feeling of disconnection. Further thoughts shall follow.

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