My Dummy EPQ

Last year I had to create a “Dummy” Extended Project Qualification as a way of practising for the real thing, that I am just beginning to start. The Idea of the dummy was to prepare us for the skills and work required and to make all our mistakes now meaning that our final EPQ will be a glittering display of success.

So I went about it, admittedly with a dark scowl, but I completed it, put many many hours of effort in, I created an artefact and performed an amazing presentation, all seemed to be okay, perhaps I’d maybe scrape an A, I knew an A* was out of reach, then it came to results day, I got… (drum roll please) …. a D! My essay and Artefact are of little to each other apparently and so detract from each other so I lose marks for doing it, I would just like to thank the controller of the EPQ now, for not telling me in the 3 months I spent on the project how to actually do an artefact project and the fact that it is how to make an artefact, not an evaluative question on X with an artefact.

Oh well, however, attached for your enjoyment is the essay:

Is Banksy a True Graffiti Writer

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