New Toys

After the post appropriately named: Breaking the Ice, I feel that it is necessary for me to display my intentions towards this blog over the coming weeks, not just for you the reader’s sake but also to give myself a sense of direction that should allow me to continue this project.
So, onto business, I am writing this from my newly acquired tablet device: a Google Nexus 10. The reason for this purchase was to give another medium for creating my art, as suggested by one of my art teachers. It is brilliant and I would recommend such a device to any such person considering it, and I have already begun projects using the various artistic apps available on the Google Play store, examples of which I shall upload here when completed.
Secondly I am currently considering the purchase of a camera, specifically the Sony NEX-F3. The reason behind this is that I intend to begin using as many mediums as I can make available to myself within my art, not just for the, maximum number of experimentation marks but also to further and develop my skills as an artist in all fields. Sadly until hopefully the near future, I have rather neglected photography and wish to rectify that promptly.
Finally in the coming weeks I shall upload images of my sketchbook and my works to date.

See you soon!
Robin 🙂

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